Who Are We?

ProNanny SA-Nanny Agency Recruits, interviews and does the initial screening of Nanny applicants.

We then present you with the information from qualified applicants to be interviewed.

You and your family actually make the decision about who you wish to hire.

You will pay ProNanny SA-Nanny Agency a placement fee and your Nanny will be ready to go to work.

Salaries and benefits are negotiated between the family and the Nanny.

The nanny is paid by the family.

Pronanny Agency – Functions Primarily as the matching service, finding the right Nanny for your family for your specified needs.

To accomplish this we do evaluate the candidates for you.

Nannies are selected to fit the needs of both Child and the parents.

Through our careful screening procedure, Nannies are selected for their common sense and good judgement, patience, warmth, stamina and energy.

Moreover our Nannies are selected based on their ability to stimulate a child through the use of toys, games, outdoor activities, meals and rest times .

You may also expect your Nanny to perform light housework, especially those chores that do concern kids.